• A dozen ballistas sit on the banks of the rivers pointing east to keep Xorathis the Black Dragon at bay.
  • Birthplace of Jaromir.
  • Monastery of Velmontarious, a sect of an organisation from Caldonia, secretly home to the Orb of Imprisonment since 1509-10-28. Fehana is a member of this order.

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler: Countess Anya Varyina: 5'5" 135lb human female. Born 1469 (40). Garrulous.              
  • Captain:
  • Gatekeeper:
  • Sheriff: Chin Waters: 5'8" 135lb human female. Born 1451 (58). Quiet            
  • Watchmen:

Demographics Edit

  • Human - 100%                       
  • Noble Houses 14           

Inns Edit

  • Poor: The Lofty Cushion, Wise Woman’s Inn               

Taverns Edit

  • Poor: Haven’s Barrel, Tina’s Pub, Salty Donkey, Broken Tankard               
  • Common: Dragon’s Drink, Hydra’s Blood, Giant’s cup               

Temples Edit

  • General: 1
  • Martha: 1
  • Voraci: 1
  • Velmontarious: 1

Watersource Edit

  • Rivers

Notables Edit

  • Has a ballista battery pointed across Xorathis Snag (the river).
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