Eventually you make it to the walled town of Yetel. This is the last Akuban settlement to the east. Beyond this are just the Elven lands and the the free lands. The doors on the gate are currently closed and looking down at you from up high are the guards there... You make your way into the town, it's fairly small in terms of area, but is fairly densely packed. The buildings are all two maybe three stories, they're mostly made out of mud brick, some are made out of real brick, there are no buildings here made out of wood. The streets are paved with more mud brick stones that look like they get replaced fairly frequently, some of them are pretty badly damaged ,there's long wagon ruts that go through the town. Shortly thereafter you find yourself in the town square and there is a large board, pinned up on one side have quite a few things scrawled on it, and a small crowd gathered around it, murmuring amongst themselves. - Misscliks Devotion: Episode 32

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler: Governor Assam (Male, 5'6")
  • Captain: Captain Yoona
  • Gatekeeper:
  • Sheriff:
  • Watchmen:

Demographics Edit

Inns Edit

Taverns Edit

  • The Red Belly
  • Shamrock Saloon

Temples Edit

  • General Temple
    • High Cleric of Astair
    • Cleric of Nerual
    • Cleric of Martha (Female Half-Elf named Sparkle Questari)
    • Cleric of Tempos (Elderly Female Dwarf)

Other Edit

  • Has a lighthouse
  • Jenna the Jeweler
  • "Gateway to Heaven" - High Quality Brothel
  • Library - Run by Orran
    • Lady Martha Orran - Head of Household

Watersource Edit

  • Syndori River & Wells
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