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The Wizard Rebuild is not a new subclass but optional rules as a replacement to the Wizard class.

These rules can be implemented for the various wizard sub-classes (including but not limited to Mage, Wild Wizard/Sorcerer, Illusionist, Specialist, Witch, and Warlock).

Hit Points[]

d6 - A mage should have less HP than a farmer, who has 1d8. (RAW says humans have d6 hp which is stupid. Goblins have d8-1, humans should have more hp than goblins. -Neal)

The Hit Point is the same for 2.Neal Wizards not using this rebuild.

Hit Bonus[]

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
0 0 0 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6

The hit bonus table is the same for 2.Neal Wizards not using this rebuild.

Spell System[]

As a replacement for the spell slot system, there is also a Mana System that fully replaces all the spell slot rules. With this system, spell casters start with MP equal to their willpower score, and gain 1dWillpower [1dW] up each level they again. Spells do not need to be memorized ahead of time, and may be cast from the list of spells they know for the listed MP cost.

Spell Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
3 7 12 18 25 34 44 55 67

Mana is regained only after a good night's sleep. The amount of mana gained is dependent upon the quality of rest the wizard had that night. A wizard who spends their day resting or studying gain back even more mana.


Sleep is very important for spell casters. Anything less than a good sleep is worthless when it comes to recovering spent mana. Good sleep is warm, dry, and uninterrupted by situational or environmental factors. Quality sleep is being totally relaxed and comfortable (e.g. feather bed at an inn in town, or in your own house) on top of the requirements for good sleep.

If a wizard has a full night of good sleep, they gain 1 willpower die to add to their mana pool. This die is combined with others as described below. If a wizard gets a full night of quality sleep, they gain two dice.


Defined as minimal physical activity, and light mental activity.The spirit of light rest is a situation in which the caster is not exerting themselves or being under stress. Examples include: Socializing at a tavern, riding (not driving) in a carriage or cart along a road, taking a slow day at the beach, and napping around the house.

A day of rest grants a wizard an additional 1 willpower die on that night's sleep.


Refers to the wizard separating themselves from the world and focusing on their craft. This is usually time spent in seclusion studying spellbooks and libraries. At a minimum, the mage must have access to all of their spells (in book, scroll, tablet, or other written form) and a place of peace and quiet. They must have their guard completely down in order to relax the body and focus the mind.

This state is easily interrupted by good intentioned traveling companions who may wish to just ask a quick question about golem creation, and interrupted study is reduced to rest. At low levels, studying may simply be reading their books and practicing the basic sounds and gestures. At higher levels, such simple practice will not do much for a wizard. They may need to stage physical, alchemical, or magical experiments; they may need to make precise measurements of sound reflections; or any other number of obscure arcane works. With this in mind, it is easier to interrupt the study of a high level wizard than one of low level. If an interruption is borderline as to its effect, roll a 1d20. If the number rolled is less than or equal to the character's level, the studying is interrupted enough to reduce this day to rest. [This rule is provided for edge cases and because the writer of these rules is an annoying hardass]

A day of studying grants a wizard an additional 1 willpower die on that night's sleep, as well as allowing the wizard to pick the top 2 rolled dice instead of the top 1. Interrupted study is reduced to rest.

Regaining MP[]

Activity Rest Study
No Sleep -2 die top 1 -1 die 0 die
Other Sleep 0 dice 0 dice 0 dice
Good Sleep 1 die 2 dice top 1 3 dice top 2
Quality Sleep 2 dice top 1 3 dice top 1 4 dice top 2
Brutana the evocationist has spent the day fighting goblins, and is settling down for a nice long sleep out in the woods. Her party decides to let her rest and covers her watch for her. In the morning she will roll 1 willpower die for her good sleep, but the previous days activity preclude any dice back for rest or study. If Brutana had to cover a watch or it had begun to rain and she had no tent, she would have recovered no mana.
The next day her party heads into town where they regale the folks with tales of their victory before going to sleep in soft feather beds. Upon waking, Brutana rolls her two willpower dice for quality sleep and regains the highest single die in mp.
As the party goes about their business in town the day after, Brutana orders some food and drink, takes it to her room and tells the innkeeper not to disturb her. She spends the whole day pouring over her spell books reconciling her experiences of casting vs. her spellbook, and making notes in the margins. When her party returns that night, they all meet up in the common room of the inn and Brutana is regaled with the party’s experiences of the day. That night she sleeps deeply and well, and in the morning rolls four willpower dice, picking the top two.

Wizard's Spellbook[]

A wizard's spellbook is not just a list of spells, but all the personal notes and thoughts and personal research on magic. Mana is set as a pool with no maximum and no innate regeneration of mana. Instead, every time they add a new page to their spellbook they gain [X] mp. By this system a wizard could stockpile vast quantities of mp, but in exchange they can only gain MP by referencing and adding to a growing body of work that is both expensive to purchase and secure, and difficult to haul around.

Should a wizard's spellbook be lost, stolen, destroyed or otherwise unavailable, they cannot gain any benefit from studying (e.g. new mp) until their notes are restored. If that means starting from scratch, they must dedicate at least a full month per character level to the task.