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The Wizard Hain the Transmuter created the Airship centuries ago, at the cost of his own life and 2 other wizards of note. Hain was aged 75 at the time. The 3 wizards are 3 of the Wraiths who guard the wizard airship to this day.


200’ long on top deck

  • Forecastle: Control Room
  • Forecastle Roof: Telescope
  • Aftcastle: Library (books only, no room to read them)
  • Main deck: Long table used for special occasions.

Minimum required movement speed: 9 (from Lake Nereid to Sunlit Spring in 6 days, giving 1 day of waiting over a place.) Maximum movement speed: 88 (30 mph from Gust of Wind)

Movement: permanent aura of Control Weather around the ship, controlled by the captain in the command room. The spell is controlled through a crystal ball, with the area of effect centered on the ball.

Ship resupplies by means of a portable hole. A courier takes it down to a town/city and loads it up with barrels of water / baskets of food and then returns it to the ship.


First Deck

  • Living Quarters in the back
    • Room for 12 living comfortably
  • Common space in the front
    • Comfortable chairs
    • Tables for study

Second Deck

  • Storage and Kitchen in the back
  • Laboratory in the front.
    • Has a garden of rare spell component herbs tended to by the passengers.

Third deck

  • Gryphon aviary
    • Entrance/Exit for Gryphons on the bottom of the ship
    • Ladders leading up to the second deck for people to enter/exit


Permanent crew:

  • 3 Guardians
    • An Necromancer, a Transmuter and an Abjurer, all are elderly humans (at least by appearances)
    • They are all that is left of the 3 wizards who created the airship
  • 9 Wraiths under control of guardians

One wraith is a bridge guard, sticking to the command center and eliminating those who are not welcome. To keep people from wandering in and dying by accident, the door is locked with a simple key that the captain holds.

Former Staff

  • Poorvan: Abandoned the airship and became a nudist in the hidden valley south of Shirebrook.
  • Barthas the Wizard: Was overheard talking about meeting with the council of the airship while on the transport ship the Scrag.

Permanent Spells[]

Permanent Spell Effects for inhabitants

  • True Seeing
  • Comprehend Languages
  • Read Magic

Control Room Effects via Crystal Ball

  • Control Weather
  • Detect Scrying

AOE Spells

  • Continual Light (except in the sleeping quarters and gryphon aviary)
  • Alarm like spell (Anything larger than a half cubic foot and/or more than 3 lb in weight approaching to within 1000’ set off a bell sound. 500’ the bell sounds *twice. 100’ the bell sounds 3 times)