• Such a mouthful to say that most places just call it Wikkthran, and foreigners will often refer to it in a demeaning way as Wikkerthrone.
  • Means “cave safe place” or “safety cave” in the oldest languages
    • Wikk Lando=> Cave Mountain
    • Lamdoon River => Mountainous River
  • First place to be developed into a town, and subsequently city
  • First great king took Wikk for his last name
  • Relatives couldn’t use Wikk in their last name, so they took to coming up with derivatives like Kershwikk, Rawlwikk, Suulwikk, Konnwikk, and Tulwikk.
  • Sigil: Red eagle over sea green
  • Motto: Ever Vigilant
  • Ruling Family: Wikk

Leadership Edit


Queen Vuularia Wikk (Age 56, 5’8” 155lb, Wizard, Level 5+)






Claus: White Hair, Blue Eyes, Fire-scars on Right Shoulder, (27 year old male human). Uses Shortbow & Light Leather Armor (but has other specialised armor for certain creatures. 14 Hotness

Court WizardEdit

Elderly Male Human

High ClericEdit

  • Mother Eliza: Human Female. Cleric of Velmontarious. 66 years old. 5'0" 143 lbs. Right Handed.

Demographics Edit

Inns Edit

Taverns Edit

  • The Salty Troll

Temples Edit

  • The Main Temple - Located in the Main Square of town outside of the Palace
    • The Ivory Spires of the Main Temple curve and twist into the air like an elven inspired design.

Other Edit

  • Named after John wick
  • Juliet's Apothecary Shop
  • Lazy Leopard - Gentleman's Club
  • Clash of the Titans - High Class Brothel

Watersource Edit

  • Lamdoon River & Wells
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