"You are on this gorgeous white stone dock that stretches out a hundred feet into the sea. At the other end of the dock is a long wooden boardwalk extending left and right. There are other smaller docks, but the long dock is used for larger ships. The seaside buildings in are mostly nice with white plaster on all surfaces. Further back are more traditional wooden buildings." - Dicing with Death Episode 071

1509 Leadership Edit


Baron Wallace Bloodhand: - 5'8" 156lb human male. Born 1486 (23). Graceless.


Kel Anette Hawkcrier: - 5'4" 145lb human female. Born 1467 (42). Quiet


Kel Dustin Hartford: - 5'2" 151lb human male. Born 1440 (69). Careless.


Kel Ursulla: - 5'6" 141lb human female. Born 1459 (50). Cheerful.


22 - Leather, Saber, Knife. 11: Padded Doublet, Heavy Crossbow, Knife

Demographics Edit

  • Human            80%
  • Halfling            20%
  • Noble Houses 10

Inns Edit

  • Poor                Sailors Delight, The Doublesize
  • Common         Mermaids Call

Taverns Edit

  • Poor                Welcoming Wench, Broken Keel, Grog’s Groggy Grog: The Grog that makes you groggy.
  • Common         Brewhep’s, Sea Wolf
  • Nice                 Siren’s Song

Temples Edit

  • General           2
  • Quantarious    1
  • Jexel               1
  • Matrigal           1

Watersource Edit

  • River

Noteables Edit

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