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Whino are the unique rhinoceros of the Western Drekis Plains. They find nourishment on the over-ripe grapes of the vineyards on the plains, giving them their famous drunken characteristics.

Whino are herbivores like their rhino cousins, just even more irrational and aggressive. With the Roc of the Great Horn slain recently, the whino have lost their natural predator.

Hunting for their ivory horns is outlawed by the kingdom of Drekis.


Whino are famous for grazing upon the vineyards, but can subsist upon other vegetation. While rhino are seen in herds, whino have only been seen alone.


  • No. Appearing 1-6
  • Armor Class 14 (2.Neal) 6 (RAW)
  • Movement 12
  • Hit Dice 8
  • Bonus to hit +7 (THACO 13)
  • No. of Attacks 1
  • Damage 2d4
  • Moral Drunken
  • Special Attacks Charge

A charging whino inflicts double damage. It will also trample any creature low enough for this action, acting twice with its forefeet and inflicting 2d4 points of damage with each successful hit.

However a whino always Sees Double and charge where they think their target is. What the odds they will actually hit their intended target are unknown (suspected to be 50%).