The Warrior Demon is a monster designed by Neal Pass Erickson.

Forms[edit | edit source]

Some Warrior demons have been known to have 2 different forms. Their shape change takes a full action.

Physical Form[edit | edit source]

Six-foot-three like 260 pound heavyset demon warrior. Vaguely humanoid, no wings, no horns. Medium Creature. Its body is covered in small spikes everywhere with big bulging muscles and large claws. Bright yellow eyes. Has a two-foot-long forked tongue.

They have blackish iridescent plates coming out of all their joints. Their chest has these blue interlocking plates between them.

It carries a curved sword of obsidian and an obsidian shield.

Mist Form[edit | edit source]

Humanoid black misty form. Able to enter a humanoid's body through the mouth in this form. Their purpose in doing this is unknown.

Only Warrior Demons in the Plane of Shadows or from the Plane of Shadows have been seen able to go into this form.

Effects on host[edit | edit source]

The possessed person feels no hunger or thirst. Cannot be felt when already inside the possessed, and seems to have no physical or psychological control over them nor tries to communicate in any form. It's, presumably, able to stabilise the dying host.

While inside, can be detected with
Detect Spirits
 3  Detect Spirits S M V  
 Range  AoE
 0  10 x 60 ft. path
 Casting Time  Duration
 6  1 turn + 1 turn/level
 Save  Damage
This divination reveals the presence of disembodied or noncorporeal spirits of all types, including wraiths, ghosts, spectres, astrally-projecting creatures, characters or monsters employing magic jar or possession, and (of course) animal spirits and spirits of nature. Characters or monsters who are simply invisible, phased, or ethereal do not count as spirits, since they are physically present in the flesh despite their unusual status. The caster detects spirits in a path 10 feet wide and 60 feet long; any within the area of effect are revealed in their preferred form or appearance for all to see. Simply detecting a spirit doesn't give the caster any special ability to communicate with or attack the entity. The material component for this spell is a small pendant of copper wire worth at least 20 gp.
 School  Source
 Divination  Spells and Magic page 167
spell, targeted and killed with weapons - but the host suffers the same amount of damage. Doesn't leave the body willingly, even after the host's death. Can be driven out with
 3  Dictate V  
 Range  AoE
 30 yds.  Up to 6 creatures in a 20-ft. cube
 Casting Time  Duration
 6  1 rd./level
 Save  Damage
Originally developed by the Harmonium faction of the Outer Planes, this useful spell has come into more widespread use in recent years. While the spell is available as a 2nd-level enchantment for members of the Harmonium, the general version is not quite as efficient and is considered a 3rd-level spell.

The dictate spell is an improved version of command, affecting up to 6 creatures in a 20-foot cube. The caster is not limited to a single word and can issue an order of no more than a dozen words in length. All the specified targets who fail their saving throws must attempt to obey the caster's instructions. For example, a priest could issue a dictate such as "Stay here until I return," "Throw down your weapons," or "Seize that elf!" The subjects will continue to obey non-immediate orders for up to one round per experience level of the caster.

Subjects who cannot understand the caster are not affected, so characters who do not understand the caster's language are immune to this spell. In addition, the order must Detect Spirits Dictate create an immediate and obvious course of action for the subject; a dictate to "Die!" or "Feel sorry for him!" would simply cause the subject to stand still in confusion for one round. Poorly worded or confusing commands grant the subjects a +1 to +4 bonus on their saving throws at the DM's discretion. Similarly, if after the subject fails his saving throw he is given an obviously self-destructive dictate, the subject simply loses his next round as he fights off the compulsion.
 School  Source
 Enchantment/Charm  Spells and Magic page 167

Habitat/Society[edit | edit source]

Warrior Demons are seen in units with other Warrior Demons, many times accompanied by other types of demons. It is unknown if Warrior Demons are actually loyal to their faction, or they merely are cooperating for the purposes of survival.

No evidence of culture has been found with the Warrior Demons, their lives are utilitarian and to fulfill their duties. They have been observed living and resting in settlements, with no know leisure or recreation ever conducted.

Warrior Demons will kill Warrior Demons of another faction, or drag off captured enemies to feed them to their Demon Colony.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

The 2nd Material Plane appears to lack any ecology except for the demons themselves. The Warrior Demons in the hierarchy of Demons appear in the middle, below the leadership, but above the lower-intellect animalistic demons.

When appearing in the 3rd Material Plane, Warrior Demons seems to primarily target humans and demi-humans, but will target all animal life they happen across.

Combat[edit | edit source]

2e Combat Stats

  • HD: 35-72 HP (estimated 10 Hit Dice)
  • AC:
    • 35-36 (With Shield & Armor) - In 2MP
    • 26 (With Shield & No Armor) - In 2MP
    • 22 (No Shield & No Armor) - In 2MP
  • Atk: Sword: +12 to Hit, 1d8+3 damage - In 2MP
  • Movement: 12
  • Stats: 15 Strength
  • Experience: 8800 exp each

Has a level of fire resistance, and takes double damage from an ethereal blade (reason yet unknown).

Successful fighting strategies employed are to grapple the creature, taking away it's shield bonus to AC and adding a modifier to hit for being held. Smaller weapons (such as daggers) can also find holes in the natural armor of the creature with a called shot (ineffective against plated creatures), giving it an AC of 10.

3mp stats

atk: +7 to hit 1d8+3

Theory Crafting[edit | edit source]

Estimated 10 hit dice (from bonus to hit and saving throws), HP range from 35-72. Strength 15.

In their home realm against people from the Prime Material Plane, they have AC 35-36 when wearing Plated Armor and 26 without armor (2e). Breakdown is as follows:

Base (10) + Natural armor (12) + Shield (4) + Plating (9-10) = 35-36 AC

Seem to have +12 to hit using their curved obsidian swords (but there could be unknown factors to boost it this high). They attack twice a round with this weapon (mastery). While they are in the Prime Material Plane, they do not appear to have this high of a hit bonus.The breakdown looks to be +9 from hit dice and +3 from mastery, giving the +12 bonus. They deal 1d8+3 damage with the sword (+3 from mastery, no bonus from strength). The sword is classified as a Bastard Sword with a +6 to initiative.

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