Backstory Edit

  • Has been Queen of Drekkis for at least 30 years.
  • Has at least 6 adult children.
    • Eldest Son - Jonathan Wikk
      • Granddaughter - Christina Wikk (Born Jan 1511),
    • Son - Prince Nicholas Wikk (engaged with Maya)
    • Daughter - Princess Lissandra (age 29)(Married to Van-Healsing)
      • Grandchild - Robert Wikk (Born Sept 1511)

The queen has 3 other daughters. Their place in the line of succession is either before or after Lasandra, depending on the HcH lore or Akuban Knights Lore.

These are all refereed to as Crown Princes and Crown Princesses to differentiate them from the Princes and Princesses who rule the 6 Principalities within Drekis.

Shenanigans Lore (maybe non-canon)Edit

  • Unnamed Son enjoys music and visited Bergshire to hold a music contest. (Shenanigans 38)
  • Queen Wikk had her husband assassinated by mercenaries from Bergshire. (Shenanigans 128)

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