Voldan County

Voldan County

 Voldan County Edit

West Voldan / Grassvalley

The northernmost county in Drekis, Voldan county is the major overland route for trade and migration into and out of Drekis. Once part of it’s own kingdom, West Voldan was brought into Drekis by the Rwalwikk family. The city of Rwalwikk was built to serve as the provincial capital for the new county. Years later after the war with Akuba, the spice islands were annexed into Voldan County as reward for the Rwalwikk family’s contributions to the kingdom, and as punishment for the Tullwikk family’s collaboration.

Voldan County aka West Voldan aka Grassvalley

  • Capital: Rwalwikk
  • Borders: Forest to the south, mountains to the north, river to the east
  • Towns: Bridge Gate
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