You do pass a very large walled town on your way out. You see on top of the wall all sorts of ballistas, heavy and lights. As well as a very tall church spire, or maybe it's not actually a church spire it's a little bit too tall to be one, but something that sticks up well above the town, and seems to have a lookout post up there. The forest beyond this walled town is large, we're talking like giant sequoia large trees, that are hundreds and hundreds of feet tall and bigger across than a man is long tall. (Seaborn 4:05)
Valaria is this interesting town. It's a wall town, one side of the town has a much taller and thicker wall than the other. The western wall is 15 to 20 feet high, 15 feet thick, made out of red brick, with a small moat that runs around it and a drawbridge. But you can see even as you're crossing through this wall on the other side there's a 50-foot wall armed with ballistas every 30 or 40 feet all kind of pointed outward. There's a big tower in the middle of town that stretches up even higher than that, maybe maybe a hundred feet up high that looks like some sort of watchtower or watch post, there's a rail that goes all the way around it that's glistening brass. You can see constant patrols around the watchtower, and you can see people manning the ballistas, maybe not a full ballista crew but there's definitely somebody leaning against the ballista looking out over the wall. (Frozen Frontier Prequel: Breaking the Chains)

The fortified city protects itself not from invaders but the green dragon Xorathis who lives in the woods to the north. An adventuring group, including the founder of Valara, destroyed the wings of the dragon, but she died in the process. Folklore says that it sometimes works with giants or hunt giants.

There is a great mosaic in the town square floor of Xorathis.

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  • Xorathis Snag river
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