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Rules are often strewn about and some details are hard to find, or some places you keep coming back to look.


Neal Spell List 2e

Neal Test Spells

Economics Sheet

Dungeon Masters Guide 2e Index (Useful Keywords: Item Tables, Spell research)

Players Handbook 2e Index (Useful: Experience Levels, Spell Progression)

Combat and Tactics (Attack options: Block; Pull/trip; Called shot; Sap; Disarm; Shield-punch; Grab; Shield-rush; Overbear; Unarmed attack; Trap/Pin Weapon; Unhorse)

Magic Item Table 2e

Individual Experience rewards


Unarmed Combat

Weapons in Non-Lethal combat

Overbearing (Attack option to pin an enemy)

Overbearing 2

Magic Item Creation[]

Magic Item Research (Lvl Requirements for Scrolls, Potions, Magic Items)

Magic Item Material Acquisition (What Materials are needed)

How to create Magical Items (Outlines process and chances to pass)

Dungeon Masters Guide: Wizard (Separated Requirement: Wizard Scrolls)

Scroll Creation

Scroll Creation (Spells and Magic)

Potionmaking (Spells and Magic)

Spell Research[]

Scroll Research

Useful Trivia[]

  • You can move 24 miles a day over easy terrain (plains, roads etc.).
  • Crystal Ball