The most dangerous campaign yet - Neal

The Drekis War of Expansion has started to go badly. The Great Red Dragon Scoria has joined forces with the Mistryans and the tide of the war has turned against Drekis. What new heroes will rise up to save Drekis from the Red Dragon and her minions?

The McGary Noble family has fallen into ill-repute. Lord Leo McGary has made efforts to rebuild the household name.

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Character Creation 18 June 2020 Youtube20px Youtube20px Twitch20px
Character Creation
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Episode 1 2nd July 2020 Youtube20px Twitch20px Reddit20pxReddit20px
The Adventure Begins with the Tomb of Babylon.
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Episode 2 9th July 2020 Youtube20px Twitch20px Reddit20px
The McGary family travel to Bergshire to the Tomb of the Baroness's Daughter
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