It is a kind of unwalled town, mostly made out of wood buildings. There are a few stone buildings here and there. The sprawling town fades into the farmland fairly seamlessly. It looks like the sort of place that might have started as a collection of farms that built a central market and then it just grew and began to overfill into the the farmland around it, which is a bit unusual for the area of Drekis which is so heavily wooded. - Frozen Frontier Prequel: Marriage Ritual

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler              
  • Captain           
  • Gatekeeper    
  • Sheriff            
  • Watchmen     

Demographics Edit

Inns Edit

  • Common Quality
    • The Golden Cup (FroFro Prequel: Marriage Ritual)
    • The Traveler's Rest (Shenanigans 144)

Taverns Edit

Temples Edit

Shops Edit

  • 4 Tailor Shops
    • Haynes Haynes & Haynes

Watersource Edit

  • Gladeway River
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