Solum vs Arcadia

Primitive Map: Not accurate representation.

The planet that Solum, Arcadia & Caldonia are from at this time does not have a name.

If the planet is a spherical or flat in nature is currently unknown.

The Gods circle the planet (or the planet moves for them to come into view), taking a year to complete. The gods are seen by mortals as stars in the sky at night. Several gods however aren't represented by the stars, Nadinis, Tempos and Felumbra.

Evidence for the world being spherical:

  • Felumbra appears as the moon to the world that displays phases of the moon over a period of 28 days. The moon rises and falls in the sky as it does on Earth.
  • The horizon at sea is curved, and you can see the sails of a ship before the hull.
  • Nadinis and Tempos turn the "Staff of the World", implying that the world turns.

Evidence for the size of the planet:

  • In most cases, the distance to the horizon at sea matches that of Earth, implying a curvature and presumably size of Earth.
  • Gravity has been shown to be the same as that of Earth.
  • Day/Night Cycle takes 24 hours
Planer View

Planar View

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