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Map of the Known Planes by SafetyCube

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Map of the Known Planes by SafetyCube

Inner Planes[]

Material Planes[]

See Main Article: Material Planes

Dragon Homeworld

Type: Material Plane 1MP Symbol
Known as the First Material Plane. This is the homeworld of the Dragons.

Demon Homeworld

Type: Material Plane 2MP Symbol
Known as the Second Material Plane. A wasteland of jagged rocks and frothing seas, invested by the local Demon population.

The World

Type: Material Plane 3MP Symbol
Known as the Third Material Plane. The World is named "Arcadia" by some. A planet the size of earth in a geocentric model where the moon and sun orbit it. Sometimes called the "Prime" Material Plane since it is the one the gods care about.

The Elemental Planes[]

See Main Article: The Elemental Planes

Each world (Dragon Homeworld, Demon Homeworld, or The World) have their own set of Elemental Planes.

Plane of Air

Type: Elemental Plane Air Symbol
A vast empty space lit from two sides. The Stellar edge, “outside” provides dim light in comparison to the brightly lit border of the Fire plane that is blindingly bright.

Plane of Fire

Type: Elemental Plane Fire Symbol
A writhing mass of fire and light. There is no air to breath and temperatures are hot enough to ignite any combustible materials.

Plane of Earth

Type: Elemental Plane Earth Symbol
A mass of earth and stone, solid all the way through. Networks of rock travel like veins through the plane.

Plane of Water

Type: Elemental Plane Water Symbol
Great pillars of salt traverse the otherwise sweet water, creating zones of saline water that are deadly to some forms life on this plane.

Pseudo Planes

Type: Pseudo Plane
Pseudo Planes are the testing grounds of the Gods. Each pseudo plane is adjacent to a Elemental Plane.

The Ethereal Plane[]

The Ethereal Plane

Type: Elemental Plane Ethereal Symbol
The Ethereal Plane is the space between the material world and the spirit world. It has the shape of the material world without living or dead matter. Existence in this plane is a combination of both borders. To imagine the ethereal plane, think of a snapshot of the material world, then remove all gasses, living mater, and dead matter.


The Shadow Plane

Type: Demiplane Shadow Symbol
Always dimly lit and leached of all color. There is a shadow plane of each of the Material Planes, taking on the form of the material plane in the same way a footprint is the form of a foot. It is a shadow of the world.

Positive Energy Plane

Type: Demiplane Positive Energy Symbol
Lore regarding this Demiplane is largely unknown.

Negative Energy Plane

Type: Demiplane Negative Energy Symbol
Lore regarding this Demiplane is largely unknown.

Proto Planes[]

The known Proto Planes only connect to The World (3MP). The Proto Planes that connect to the Dragon Homeworld or the Demon Homeworld are unknown.

The Feywild

Type: Proto Plane Feywild Symbol
The area is permanently warm, as if being bathed in sunlight no matter where you are. Winds blow constantly and wildly, with speeds and directions changing always. Gentle rains fall, but rolls off all creatures and surfaces. Where water collects, mirror like pools form.

The Plane of Dreams

Type: Proto Plane Plane of Dreams Symbol
Lore regarding this Proto Plane is largely unknown.

The Pit

Type: Proto Plane The Pit Symbol
Lore regarding this Proto Plane is largely unknown.

The Black Morass

Type: Proto Plane Black Morass Symbol
Lore regarding this Proto Plane is largely unknown.

The Border Planes[]

The planes that border between the Inner and Outer Planes.

The Astral Plane

Type: Border Plane Astral Symbol
The space between the Ethereal Plane, 3 known worlds and their associated subplanes (elemental, shadow plane, & proto planes), and the Outer Planes.


Type: Border Plane Felumbra
The goddess Felumbra is Arcadia's Moon as well as the Afterlife for the mortals of The World. This afterlife is the Spiritual Plane.


Type: Border Plane Illumis
Lore regarding this Border Plane is largely unknown. The god Illumis is the Sun for The World.

Unstable Pocket Dimensions

Type: Border Plane
The result of a stable Pocket Dimension being ruptured or otherwise damaged.

Outer Planes[]

The Celestial Plane

Type: Outer Plane Celestial Symbol
  • All the gods, except Felumbra & Illumis, have fixed positions in the sky. Felumbra takes the form of the moon, and cruises around the world. Illumis is the sun, and also cruises around the world.
  • Comets are movement between the Celestial Plane and the Material Planes.
    • Gods cannot sneak into the PMP and will always appear as a comet first. Any god coming to the PMP would be visible for a period of days (maybe a week or so) to everybody on the PMP and all the gods.
  • It is said that it is impossible for mortals to enter the Celestial Plane.

Unknown Factors[]

  1. Does Demon/Dragon have Ethreal Realms? (Maybe - McTacky)
  2. Does Illumis/Felumbra touch the Astral Plane? (Probably - McTacky)
  3. Does Illumis/Felumbra touch the Celestral Plane? (Almost certainly - McTacky)