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Nature stands below, holding the Staff. Fate floats above holding it. The Gods of light and darkness chase each other around the table.

Generalist Holy Symbol

Generalist Holy Symbol

The Gods inhabit the Celestial Plane. Each God is a constellations in the sky with some exceptions. Felumbra appears in the sky as the moon & Illumis appears in the sky as the sun. Relkor does not appear in the sky at all. There are no constellations in the winter sky.

The Pantheon together created The World as well as a few prior worlds. During the War of Creation the gods, according to legend, directly acted against one another. However, in recorded history the gods support various mortal factions against one another in a series of proxy wars, with the gods themselves not fighting with one-another. The level of a god's intervention in the proxy war will give the opposing god permission to get involved by that amount as well.

In early ages of The World, the gods would directly visit the world and interact with the people, but in later ages they wouldn't visit the world and only speak to the most powerful of Clerics and Paladins.

The Analogies of Godliness[]

  1. Gods are to people as people are to ants.
    1. People are playthings of the gods. A god may single out a person for good or evil on a whim. A person once favored of the gods might still be struck down as collateral damage.
    2. The gods are big scary beasts arguing over the best way their little creatures ought to do things. Their interest in people / life is a toy / game.
  2. If people are n dimensional beings, gods are n+1 dimensional beings, and Felumbra is an n+2 dimensional being. See Flatland.
    1. In this way of thinking, the will and desire of gods are unknowable. Human concepts of love, loyalty, hate, etc. cease to make sense when applied to greater beings.
  3. Felumbra is the clay, Martha shapes the clay into creatures, Voraci returns the clay creatures to the large clay pit, Nadinis is the world on which the clay creatures live, Tempos shapes the path before the clay creatures, and Astair / Malkis fight to shape their behavior.
    1. Felumbra is more of an ‘energy’ than a deity. She lacks what could be perceived as choice, influence, and even consciousness.

Greater Gods[]


Domain: Order/Law Gender: Male Astair
Believes the best thing for people/life is to have a framework within which they can thrive. Structure and organization pave the way for greatness. Preservation of order is paramount to success.


Domain: Spirits Gender: Female Felumbra
Gives up part of herself to create each soul, which returns to her when they die. She is embodied in the sky not as a constellation like the other gods, but as the moon. Her sigil is the moon. A full moon denotes lives near their beginning. A crescent moon denotes lives nearing their end.


Domain: Chaos / Change Gender: Male Malkis
Order and predictability breeds complacency, complacency creates weakness. Chaos culls the weak and gives rise to the great. Only by facing unpredictable challenges can people rise above the rest. Turbulent waters create the strongest swimmers.


Domain: Life Gender: Female Martha
The great mother, creator of all living beings. Believes that the keys to greatness lie in the vast variety of life. Each individual contributes something unique to the whole and the loss of any one thing, no matter their significance or persuasion, is a loss for all of life.


Domain: Nature Gender: Female Nadinis
Shaped the world out of the four elemental planes and holds the staff that supports it. Her will is the fundamental force of nature and she is fairly indifferent to people, preferring to think on global scales rather than individual scales.


Domain: Fate/Time Gender: Male Tempos
Spins the staff that supports the world, causing the seasons and guiding the fates of the people. Imbues creatures with instinct and a sense of purpose. Is fairly hands-off once life has been created and imbued.


Domain: Death Gender: Female Voraci
A force of death and destruction. Like the grim reaper, she visits those that die and leads them back to Felumbra. Gives meaning and substance to life by taking it away. Believes that death and destruction pave the way for newer, better, greater things. In order to create, one must first destroy.

Summer Gods – Children of Martha & Astair[]

Mathis / Safia

Domain: Knowledge / Wisdom Gender: Male / Female Mathis Safia
A brother/sister pair who shares a single body of two fronts and two faces. Mathis rules over knowledge while Safia rules over wisdom. It is said that without wisdom, knowledge is useless; without knowledge, wisdom is useless. Enlightenment comes from holding both at the same time.


Domain: Art/Inspiration Gender: Female Efra
She just wants to inspire people to do cooler shit.

Fell in love with Reluna, whose passion and unpredictability spill over into Efra causing her to slip into fickle moods.


Domain: Family / Society / Home Gender: Female Nerual
Twin sister of Reluna, and often at odds with her. Family is the root of order in the world. It is said that all people in the world are made of half a soul and it is their eternal journey to find their soulmate, their other half, to become complete.


Domain: Trade Gender: Male Quantarius
Without the exchange of goods or services, we would all die. No man is an island. We work together, or we fall apart. At the core of this philosophy is the notion of a fair deal. Without a fair deal, there is no trust, there is no trade, there is no society, and we all fall down.


Domain: Farming / Agriculture Gender: Male Terrin
Presides over growth and gentle weather. Terrin brings soft rains and makes plants grow, while Nadinis brings storms and creates mountains and rivers. Gentleness and care are the foundation upon which we are all built. It takes a strong arm and a firm hand to plow a straight field.

Spring Gods – Children of Malkis & Martha[]


Domain: Beauty/Grace Gender: Female Chis
Appearances matter. In order to show the world their best side, one must rise above their primal instincts and refine their actions and appearance. Sloppiness and slobbiness are the ugly traits of lazy people. Know who or what you need to be, and be that. Be exact. Be precise. Be graceful. 

Chis looks different to everybody. No two statues of her are the same, as the artists each see her differently. She can be calming one moment, and hot-tempered the next.


Domain: Luck/Wine Gender: Male Jexel
Why be sober when you can be drunk? Why leave someone in peace when you can have fun with them? There is fun to be had at the expense of yourself and others so go out there and seize it! Only a fool takes themselves seriously. Fortune favors the bold and the carefree. When you have a positive outlook on life, you will always be lucky.

A trickster and prankster who rarely stands still. The stars of his constellation twinkle more than those of any other god.


Domain: Passion Gender: Female Reluna
Embrace yourself. Embrace your ups and your downs. Embrace your fears alongside your hopes. Feeling is all we have and we do a disservice to life by dulling our emotions. Live passionately or what is the point of living.

Sister to Nerual, although often at odds with her. Nerual thought that bringing Reluna and Efra together would tame Reluna's wild swings so she caused them to fall in love. Instead, Efra slipped into Reluna's chaos.

Autumn Gods – Children of Astair & Voraci[]


Domain: Hunt Gender: Female Agepa
A hunter must be careful, patient, quiet, and focused. Survival comes from struggle, hunt, or be the hunted. Without risks, there can be no rewards. A true hunter is one who takes only the risks they need, and who does not falter when faced with danger.


Domain: War Gender: Male Bellum
Battle is the apex of life. Fighting for your survival, kill or be killed, your whole body alight with the fires of life. War is the greatest honor, glory, and self-sacrifice one can make. Violence is the source of all authority. Force is the way of the world.


Domain: Crafting Gender: Male Sayor
Life is about shaping the world around you. Every action you take creates an effect. The greatest people are the ones who create the changes they want without creating unwanted changes. Shaping a bowl, forging a horseshoe, tanning a hide; making something greater than the whole of its parts is as close to godliness as people can come. The true craftsman, crafts man.

Upper Gods[]


Domain: Despair Gender: Female Parents: Voraci & Tempos Solt
Everything that has ever lived will die. There is no escape. There is no hope. Everything ends. Your fate is inescapable, and you will die. There is no point to life. Embrace your despair for it is the ultimate nature of reality.


Domain: Justice Gender: Male Parents: Astair & Tempos Velmontarious
Shades of grey are made up of patches of light and dark. Right and wrong are absolutes, and can only be judged from a seat of dispassion. You may not like it at times, but justice is the path and the price of a goodly world.


Domain: Vengeance Gender: Female Parents: Malkis & Tempos Velthara
Right and wrong are too abstract to be constants. Only you are capable of judging the two. A wrong has only been righted when you feel it in your soul. More often than not, you must take justice into your own hands if you wish it to be done.


Domain: Joy Gender: Male Parents: Martha & Tempos Womaatoar
What purpose does life have? Eventually, we all die, eventually we are forgotten, eventually everything we make is destroyed. The real meaning in life is to live it to its greatest extent and to experience all of its joys. Your personal experience is the only thing that matters. Accept and embrace the joys of life.

Lower Gods[]


Domain: Tranquility Gender: Female Parents: Astair & Nadinis Aaris
A well-ordered spirit is at peace with itself and the outside world. This tranquillity leads to inner strength, which in turn leads to outer strength. A person at peace with themselves may wade through chaos unfazed.


Domain: Hope Gender: Female Parents: Martha & Nadinis Matrigal
As long as there is life, there is hope. Hope is the last thing to die. When everything else is lost, hope fights on.


Domain: Suffering Gender: Male Parents: Malkis & Nadinis Ponos
All invention, all construction, all progress in the world is made to alleviate suffering. The more people suffer, the harder they work, and the greater their achievements. Suffering is good for mankind.


Domain: Fear Gender: Male Parents: Voraci & Nadinis Terrasa
To understand ourselves, we must understand our most basic instinct - fear. Fear of death drives us to survive, fear of hunger drives us to eat. At our very core, we are terrified creatures. Embrace your own terror - both what you feel and what you make others feel. Fear is the most powerful weapon and cuts deeper than swords.

Other Gods[]


Domain: Light Gender: Male Parents: Nadinis & Tempos Illumis
The sun in the sky, Illumis gives light, warmth, and energy to all he touches. At the peak of his majesty, he is large, bright, hot, and far from the planet During these times of summer the sun rises high in the sky and bends time where his light touches, elongating the days.

Is considered the guardian of all Martha creates, for without the sun, the world would be plunged into darkness.

Treated as a Major God in many places.


Domain: Darkness Gender: Female Parents: Nadinis & Tempos Relkor
A mysterious and poorly understood god. She drains power from her brother Illumis, shortening days and lengthening nights, cooling the sun and causing him to shrink and fall closer to The World. Relkor is the only deity not to have a representation in the celestial sphere and has few, if any clerics.


A child of one of the gods and a mortal. The stories of the Demigods show they were active during the Age of Heroes but seem to have died out or disappeared by the end of the age.

  • Arcas - Child of Reluna and a Human
  • Adea - Child of Reluna and a Human
  • Emma - Child of Felumbra and an Elf
  • Einhard - Child of Nadinis and a Dwarf (Ancient Arcadia)
  • Seltzer - Child of Nadinis (Ancient Bravo)
  • Lernaea - Child of Nerual (Ancient Bravo)

Lesser Gods[]

Not to be confused with Lower Gods above. These beings are not gods but spirits of a location or feature, like a river. They are worshipped like local gods at shrines. They have only appeared in the Age of Heroes as of yet.

  • Platos - Spirit of a River in Ancient Bravo, Appears as a Snake
  • Orphia - Spirit of a Pond in Ancient Bravo, Appears as a Snake
  • Korriman - Corrupted Spirit, represented by a Large Tree (Honorbound Lore)
  • Lenios - Corrupted Spirit, represented by a Snake (Honorbound Lore)
  • Olesian - Uncorrupted Spirit, represented by a dancing dog who accompanies a bard (Honorbound Lore)

Winter Gods Legends[]

Legends speaks of there existing the Winter Gods, but during the War of Creation Voraci and Malkis slew them while the other gods had their backs turned, according to legend. This would explain a void in the sky during the winter months that otherwise is a mystery.

2e Spells by God[]

Temple Layout[]

During the Age of Iron in Arcadia, this was the temple layout in the Age of Iron.

Eridonian Temples

Arcadian Temple Layout

Before the Age of Iron, temples of Arcadia were ornate places. After the wraith of the gods during the Breaking of Arcadia, temple became their modern more humble design.

Other Religious Buildings[]

  • Quadry: See Main Article: Quadry


Holy Symbols 5

The Gods do not have alignments in the canon Koibu games

Planer View

Planar View

Rising and Setting of the Gods

Rising & Setting of the Gods: Calendar