"Thaebin is a medium sized town built on the edge of the Grand Canal that drop 180 to 200 feet down to the water below. There are some large wooden structures near the cliffside with a series of ropes going down to pull up cargo from the dockyards at the bottom of the canel. There are six switchback going down to sea-level. Across the Canal you can see the city of Highcastle on the other side. " (Misscliks Devotion: Episode 06)

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler:
  • Captain:
  • Gatekeeper:
  • Sheriff:
  • Watchmen: 

Demographics Edit

Inns Edit

  • One Inn
    • Featherfall

Taverns Edit

  • Three Taverns
    • Bubba's (Poor)
    • Fireside (Common)
    • Mockingbird (Common)

Temples Edit

  • General          

Watersource Edit

  • Wells
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