• Storm Giants live in an underwater castle in Stormscale lake.
  • Gold Dragon splits its time between living in Stromheim (as an advisor) and her underwater castle.
  • Stats refer to the values at the start of 1509.

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler - Queen Kiara Sanguine         
  • Captain           
  • Gatekeeper    
  • Sheriff            
  • Watchmen     
  • Court Wizard - Arc Keldin the Diviner
  • High Cleric - Father Bronstone (Dwarven Male)

Demographics Edit

Inns Edit

  • The Ruby Lounge - Fancy Inn & Tavern
  • The Tuckered Hag - Poor Quality Inn

Taverns Edit

  • The Ruby Lounge - Fancy Inn & Tavern
  • Thirsty Bear
  • Dirty Thieves - Thief Bar

Temples Edit

Watersource Edit

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