• Was a tiny village but big ships kept stopping in storms because of its stone port. Grew pretty rapidly after that.
  • A bustling little town. It doesn't have any walls around it and everything and everything is congregated near the water's edge. The town is more build up than build outward. There are many stone buildings with outlying farms outside of that.
  • The whole dockside & port are laid with stone, the name sake of the town. There is a fresh shiny new tower. A lighthouse built on the east side of the port on a small peninsula.

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler              
  • Captain           
  • Gatekeeper    
  • Sheriff            
  • Watchmen     

Demographics Edit

Inns Edit

  • Swirly Whirly - Common Quality

Taverns Edit

  • Yellow Fairy

Temples Edit

Watersource Edit

  • Wells
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