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The continent of Solum is a fictional setting originally created by Neal Pass Erickson. It was first seen on the internet as the campaign setting for the Rollplay Legacy. Is located on The World.

To the west of Solum is Arcadia and Caldonia, but the journey from Solum to Arcadia by sea takes months, but a wizard using a teleport spell sent Tyrant from Solum to Minotauria instantly.

The bellow information is about the Kingdoms as they currently stand during the Vale War / 1470 to 1540 Arcadia Years (years are approximate, subject to change).

Known Kingdoms/Territories

  • Stormtide Kingdom
    • Capital: Tides End
    • Located around the Stormtide Bay
    • Visited during Rollplay: Legacy during Week 31 & Week 32
    • Held back from fighting the Voraci Army during early parts of the Vale War. After a brief failed naval campaign, the Kingdom surrendered.
  • Kingdom of Altharas
    • Capital: Altharas
    • Leadership: King Alrath
    • Located North and West of the High-Vale Mountain Range.
    • Visited during Rollplay: Legacy during Week 36 Week 37.
    • Setting for Misscliks: Vigilantes
    • After the Free Cities fell to the Bannerless armies, the Voraci forces moved north and captured the Kingdom by force. A passage was made though the High-Vale Mountain Range to assist with the invasion.
  • The Free Cities
    • The city-states of Valesburg, Fitchview, Highpond and Palanthas
    • Fitchview is considered the "Capital" of the Free Cities, and ruled by Istavan Felstar.
    • Located South of the High-Vale Mountain Range.
    • Visited during Rollplay: Legacy during Week 1 onwards.
    • Became the hub of the Bannerless Army/Voraci Army during the Vale War.
    • Valesburg became the Capital of the "Voraci Empire"
  • Miklagard Kingdom
    • Capital: Miklagard
    • Located East of the High-Vale Mountain Range, south of the Great Plains
    • Occupied by the Voraci Army during the Vale War where the rank of King was Abolished. The Prince of the Kingdom will pass on taxes to the Voraci Forces and are mostly left alone, unless shaffi Merus Findlemaker has a "recommendation".
    • Leadership: Prince Yorden
    • The Kingdom once contained the Principalities of Aros and Tarnwood
  • Emerald Kingdom
    • Capital: Emerald Keep
    • Located south of the Free Cities
    • Fell to the Bannerless Army/Voraci Army during the Vale War
  • Falaror Kingdom
    • Capital: Falaror
    • North of the Devouring Marsh
    • Unknown status during Vale War
  • Barunder Kingdom
    • Capital Barunder
    • South of thge Steamwall Mountains, West of I' Yaara Oryn
    • Unknown status during Vale War

Longborn Kingdom

Western Front of Longborn Kingdom

  • Longborn Kingdom
    • Capital: Longborn
    • Located to the Far-East from the Free Cities
    • Resisting the Voraci Army

Kingdom of Kalia

Kingdom of Kalia

  • Valis Kingdom?
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