It is Quiet Day in Shenanigans. Desmond is hung over teleports the party to Kurshwikk to get a Hang Over Cure from Wigward. They arrive in a butcher shop in Kurshwikk. Wiglaf the Barbarians teleports inside the chimney and breaks it apart. They buy the butcher for the damage and leaves.

The party split up to look around town for Wigward. Kyla hears that Wigward is on the docks, Doreen hears that Wigward is in jail. Doreen is told by a prisoner in the jail that Wigward is at the docks.

Wiglaf is told that Wigward is at the Knife & Fork the Tavern to get rid to attack Jack the owner. Jack just tell shim that he had no idea where Wigward is.

At the Docks Kyla uses Thieves Cant to talk with some kids on the docks to get more info on where Wigward is. Wigward is in the dock jail. Gwathir I Sindel heads to the dock jail to try to talk with Wigward.

Tork and Wiglaf play a game of basket ball to try to get a lead on Wigward. They lose the game, but get shown to the docks to a smuggler, Snuffles. Snuffles says that Wigward is in jail, but can get him out for 30 gold.

Gwathir & Doreen try to gets Wigward out of jail legitimately. Doreen gets Wigward to confess to crimes using cause fear and Gwathir pays the bail.

The Deputy goes back inside for Wigward's belonging, but runs into Snuffles and battle breaks out. Gwathir, Kyla & Doreen go to help the Deputy. The smuggler is captured. The group search for clues how this man got inside. Kyla finds a trapdoor, but doesn't tell the Deputy about it.

Wiglaf leads Kyla & Doreen to the Knife and Fork where the potions are hidden. He then says there is a quick way back to Bergshire at his home, but there is a giant spider inside. The party attacks the spider. After the mommy spider is killed lots and lots of baby spiders rush out. Wigward's house gets burnt down. After the fire dies down they detect the magic object buried under the house.

The party teleport back to Shenanigans. Desmond is still hung over. The potion makes him feel better right away.

EXP: 767 exp (+76 exp for 10% bonus for some players)
Doreen Levels up to level 6, +11 HP,

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