A quiet day in Shenanigans. The only patrons are the party. Glib Glob sitting on the ground, eating from a bowl on his lap. Borch is gone for the day. Desmond the Dashing is bored at the counter. Nothing is going on.

Desmond leaves the party in charge of Shenanigans. Glib Glob heads out the back to his new house.

A random villager comes in, looking frantic. Ranting about his wife, also called Doreen, was taken by spiders.

The party follows the stranger up the road north of Bergshire to the spot where his wife was taken. Tork spots a huge cobweb up in the trees. Two large spiders appear and the party kills them, but Big Bad Cane thinks he could be poisoned, but it ends up being nothing. The party heads deeper into the woods.

The party then encounters 4 Ettercap and the party defeats them. Doreen, Tork, & Victor could be poisoned, but they are all fine. The party moves on in search of the missing wife.

A giant trapdoor spider leaps out at the party, who are surprised. Doreen is dragged towards the hole by the spider, but Doreen breaks free. The party kill the spider in it's lair. They search the remains in the cave to see if the wife is in there, and she is not. Doreen is afflicted by a slowing poison. The party moves on.

The party comes across a pond, 20 to 40 feet away is a shaft into the ground. There are dozens of half foot hairy spiders.

The party enters the cave, waving torches. Most the hairy spiders flee, but some attack. After the attackers are killed off, the party realises that Tork is poisoned with a hemotoxin that Tork almost dies from, if not from Doreen's intervention

The party goes deeper into the cave and comes across a large cavern. Inside is a Gargantuan spider with a 6 hairy spiders. Big Bad Cane destroys the Gargantuan and the rest of the small spiders are mopped up.

They find the villager's wife, alive but cocooned. The party searches the other cocooned ones, but after time passes 10 Large spiders attack the party., the party kills them all.

Tork is poisoned again. The party rushes back to town to save Tork. Tork is knocked unconscious from the poison. Doreen puts Tork on a log and drags in back to town.

Back in town they discover that the villager's name was Victor. Big Bad Cane stops Victor from making Victor his life-long servant.

1760 exp

Signifcant NPCs

  • Desmond the Dashing - Owner of Shenanigans. olive tan skin, long sideburns, goatee & moustache short black hair, 45 Years Old.
  • Victor & Doreen - NPC Villages were the same name as party members. Doreen was taken by spiders and Victor hires the party to save her.

Signifcant Locations

Bergshire: Shenanigans Silkwood - Spidercave