• The party is supposed to get a Roc egg for Desmond.
  • They end up fugitives after the murders of many people at George's camp.
  • Alejandro Carlo ends up trapped in the basement of the mining camp by the foreman George/Georgia.
  • Gimp the pimp imp with a limp is forgotten.
  • Maximilian ends up in Shirebrook Keep's Dungeon.
  • Sparky is killed by Desmond.
  • Vyryzyryx escapes and creates a new persona, Mike Michaelson.

Chapter 6 

Signifcant NPCs

  • Desmond - Owner of Shenanigans.
  • George - Foreman of Camp at the foot of the Great Horn. Desmond's Friend.

Signifcant Locations

Shenanigans Bergshire Text