For the campaign, see Shenanigans.

Shenanigans, officially established in 1496, is  tavern/inn at the heart of Bergshire, frequented by Adventurers and avoided by the locals. 

It is owned by Desmond and his wife Elizabeth (Lizzy). They are former adventurers who gave up adventuring when Lizzy became pregnant with Layla. Desmond was a level 15th Fighter and Lizzy wsa a 10th level archer. Their daughter by 1510 is a 2nd level Wizard and enrolled in 1509 at the local Woghorts School for Wizzarding. 

Shenanigans however existed before 1496. Desmond purchased it from an imp, who moved the building to Drekis from outside the prime-material-plane where-ever it was before that. Also the stairs leads to the middle of a corridor, not the edge because of the dimensional folding. It was original name was Zar Zar Zar

Desmond is said to take 10% of all busness that comes though Shenanigans, but of late he had forgotten to do so.

The First Floor is the Tavern, Bar, Kitchen, Fireplace and Stage. Outside to the west is the stables.

The Cellar is used for wine and ale storage. Home of the ghost Sierra, (first appeared in ep 65). In episode 109 Sierra becomes the spirit of the bar itself, and no longer a ghost.

The Second Floor is the Inn Rooms, where adventurers stay. The two of the rooms over the stables have been converted into four half-size rooms for halflings and other short races., There is a high turnover of the limited rooms due to the dangers of being an adventurers. Desmond will then auction off the abandoned rooms blindly, giving others the opportunity to loot the contents.

Shenanigans staff:

Chef - Borch Thunderbowls, one of Desmond's adventuring friends, a Orc who is the Chef at Shenanigans.

Serving Girl - Layla - Desmond's daughter. Early on worked in Shenanigans for her Father until he hired the Kobolds.

Stable-boy - Jackson.

Bardender - Hank, Desomond Cousin who died, used to run the bar when Desmond was out of town.

Kitchen-Hand - Lord Gliparius Chesterton-Glopworth “Glib Glob”, Kobold. Also delivers food and drinks during busy times. Was made a lord in episode 108. Lives in the backyard of Shenanigans in underground tunnels.