Shelton is a human settlement on the edge of the Elvin Kingdom. It is a little bit mixed, it's not one hundred percent human. There's a good variety of dwarves and halflings there's a speckling of gnomes here and there. There are no elves or half-elves here, which could be surprising consider it borders the Elven Kingdom. It isn't a big town. (Seaborn Chapter 3:9)
The people of the town have a terrible relationship to Sylvas to the south. There is raiding going back-and-forth from time-to-time. If they knew there was an elf in the party, they wouldn't do business with the party and would kick you out of town. (Seaborn Chapter 3:9)

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler: The town is run by a council, not a lord
  • Captain:
  • Gatekeeper:
  • Sheriff:
  • Watchmen:

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  • Floatsams

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  • Wells
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