Shadow Mountains

Shadow Mountains

The Shadow Mountains are a mountain range in Split County, Eridon, Arcadia. It was formed, along with the peninsula, during the Breaking of Arcadia in year 0 of the Arcadian Calendar.

Ever since the creation of the mountain range & peninsula, any permanent settlement is under risk of "The Curse of the Shadow Mountains". Historical records differ on what the curse actually is.

Observed phenomena related to the curse include entire population of a village disappear, leaving all the buildings behind.

Some think the curse extends to the sea south of the mountains, where entire fleets will go missing as they travel along the Lost Coast.

Residents of the Hidden ValleyEdit

  • Poorvan - Nudest Wizard, formerly of the Wizard Airship
  • The Witch of the Wilds - A Hag with powerful Blood Magic. Disappeared in 1512 (Shenanigans 159)
  • Chimera - Slain by Malakai, Van-Healsing and Kain. It's lair is located in mountains near Wortwood
  • A clan of werewolves
  • Lizardfolk, bugbears, bullywugs, gremlins, smoke mephits, alligators, ogres, Ettercaps.


  • Young Green Dragon - An offspring of Ancient Green Dragon Xorathis. This dragon left their nest and decidied on nesting someplace along the Lost Coast in late 1509.
  • The Kraken - A monster that lives near The Lost Coast that destroys fleets of ships

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