Akuban Capital City SandasharMap
Ruler King Haraziem
Population 32000
Villages 150
Yearly Income 1,441,925 / 360,481
Populace Traits
Walls Yes Armorer Magic Shop Yes
Gates West Horse Breeder Yes Dog Breeder
Sages Library Yes Doctor Yes
Resources Arms, Cotton, Glass, Hemp, Horses, Books, Silk
Road to Tal'Ushar 66 Miles
Road to Abenkai 48 Miles

Sandashar has beautiful, sandstone colored, huge walls that come up around 40 feet tall. There are brightly colored banners coming off of the walls. You can actually hear bits of music coming from the town as the ship pulls up. From the docks you can hear the the sounds of festivities coming from within.

There are one or two 6-storey buildings, a handful of 5-storey buildings, and a bunch of 4-story buildings.

"It's got these tall beautiful minarets made out of sandstone, with bright colorful flags flying from them all over the place." Devotion Ep 24.




  • Yellow Door Tavern
  • Long Wheat Tavern


  • Two-Storey Tavern near the docks.
    • It is a nice warm place with a small fire going. It is filled a surprising number of odd races like half-orcs and goblins, as well as regular humanoids.
  • Yellow Door Tavern
  • Long Wheat Tavern
  • Guilded Monkey



  • Alchemist Shop, Owned by Rasputin.
    • It is down a narrow dark ally. 3/4 down the ally, before it dead ends, there is a small staircase into a half-level underground. There is a little door with a knocker on it. Tied to the knocker by it's tail is a dead rat. (Devotion Ep 12 Part 2)
  • High School
    • The High School is a 4 storey building that is all indoors, so the recess and lunch breaks are taken outside. (Devotion Ep 12 Part 2)
  • The Golden Cat - Brothel
    • Sandashar's prime brothel.


  • Wells
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