The Player Edit

Ryan has played several characters, mostly on Dicing with Death, Frozen Frontier, & Shenanigans. In FroFo he played as Grimes, the thief with the heart of gold.

Also played Bison in One-Shots Solum: Episode 05.

In Dicing with Death he played:

In Shenanigans he played:

He also played as Ringe in Heroes' Graveyard.

He appeared briefly as the Hobgoblin Master in Fatal One.

The Dungeon Master Edit

Ryan is a member of the two-man RPG known as Dicing with Death, along with Neal "Koibu" Pass Erickson. The two alternate between positions of Dungeon Master and player as their respective characters die or are retired.

He was the Dungeon Master in Shenanigans Episodes: 9, 25, 31.

Trivia Edit

  • As of Christmas 2015 Ryan has more swords than Neal.
  • Due to a traumatic childhood experience, Ryan has developed a life-long fear of lotion, and subsequently has not moisturized since he was 12 years old.
  • Ryan himself looks like some sort of fantasy creature.
  • Ryan is an avid musician, favoring the trombone, but also able to play at least one more instrument, the saxophone, as alluded to in an episode of Dicing with Death.
  • Ryan's birthday is May 25, revealed in Dicing with Death episode 192.
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