It is known for its mining because it's at the base of Drakken Ridge. There are plenty of wonderful mines here you've got some iron, silver, copper bronze, lead, tin, all sorts of wonderful things can be found in Roxsis. It is home to a fairly large population of dwarves mixed with a few humans, a couple of elves, half-elves, some gnomes, and some halflings. It's like a big menagerie of races just living out here in this town. It's a pretty inhospitable place.

You come across the town, it's kind of small, and then as you get closer you realise it's not a small town, it's literally a "small town". That building which you thought was just like really far away isn't that far away, the roof is only like six feet high.

The town was founded my someone named Fernokk. The nearby river was named after him. He came out alone to this spot, starting digging, found gold and then founded the town.

The towns is built along the edge of the river which is bit of a canyon. There's a staircase that leads down to a makeshift dock down below. All along the side of the canyon are little lanterns that are hung in various colors, red, blue, yellow, purple, green, all sorts of colors hung on the edge of the the canyon lip, stretching all the way the length of the town. These are warning lights that help the citizen not fall into the canyon at night. It was setup by a travelling wizard (Dave The Enchanter), replacing a series of torches that had been there previously.

Source: Misscliks Devotion: Episode 38, Akuban Knights: Episode 19, Hardcore Heroes: Episode 48

Language spoken: Mostly Eridonian.

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler:
  • Captain:
  • Gatekeeper:
  • Sheriff:
  • Watchmen:

Demographics Edit

  • Dwarves
  • Other Races

Inns Edit

  • Good
    • Gryphon's Roost

Taverns Edit

  • Jolly Drink - Human sized

Temples Edit

  • General

Other Edit

  • Statue of Fernokk, founder of the town.
  • The Watchtower, keeps watch for Azoron. The magic of the tower "annoys" the dragon to stay away from the town. It was erected by Dave The Enchanter.

Watersource Edit

  • Grom Roun & Fernokk Rivers
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