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Based on the Folding Boat (Magic Boat) from the 2e Dungeon Master Guide.

The Riftdancer was the pride of the Temple of Tempos on Leech Island, off the west coast of Akuba.

In 1509 the undead cleric of Tempos, Temriel was known to be on procession of the ship.[1]

In 1521 it appears the Warlock Eid-ryeah of Embershore is in control of the Riftdancer. [2]

This magical item can turn into 3 things.

  • A box
  • A rowboat
  • A ship

Magic Words
The words are in Old Common.

  • Riftbox - Transforms the Riftdancer into its box form
  • Riftboat - Transforms the Riftdancer into its rowboat form
  • Riftship - Transforms the Riftdancer into its ship form

The magic words to not work from the inside of the ship when it is in box form.

Box Form[]

A foot long, half a foot wide and half a foot deep. On its sides are written in Old Akuban or Old Common the command to change the shape of the ship.

Ship Form[]

In its largest form the boat is decked, has single growing seats, five sets of oars, a steering oar, an anchor, a deck cabin, a mast, and a square sail.

It is 24 feet long, 8 feet wide, and deep six feet deep, and hold 15 people with ease.

The storage space acts like a portable hole, when the ship is folded into the other forms, the objects inside the Riftdancer are not crushed.