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Rabara is a land in the southern hemisphere. The current map only shows about a third of the total area of Rabara.

The land was colonised by the Ferrin Empire from The Dardens during the Age of Might. Towards the end of the Age of Might war broke out between the Ferrin Empire and those who live in Rabara. The war involved the usage of high levels of magic that reduced the Rabaran capital of Ferimonium into ruins with dangerous magical radiation.

After the war, the Ferrin Empire fell. The various towns and outposts broke apart and become independent. Many towns fell victim to banditry and warbands. Magic since the end of the war has been looked poorly upon by the Rabarans.


  • Former Capital of Rabara
  • Coastal City at the end of a river.
  • South beyond Kah-Ella
  • During the war was attacked by the northern part of the Ferrin Empire from across the ocean.
  • In the aftermath of the war, a new swamp formed and swallowed the city and nearby coastline

Trog Canyon[]

See main article: Trog Canyon


Ruined City 1.5 Days East from Trog Canyon by foot (~30 miles)

It was a city with a river running though it. It was destroyed in the war that ended the Age of Might in the Region 20 years ago.

During the war was attacked by the northern part of the Ferrin Empire from across the ocean with forces lead by Field Marshall Sklaeros.

A mile away from the town, in the distance you see a half crumbled tower. This must have been one of the buildings in town. It is cut off maybe 3 floors up, with the break ending at the 5th floor. There are vines that have grown up the tower as well as some trees. Northridge's Mudbrick that used to surround the town is overgrown with plant life as well.

The ruined tower is the tallest remaining structure in the ruined town.

You push on into the town today and see it is truly deserted. Toppled buildings, grass is growing everywhere, little shrubs peaking up, trees making their way out of people's rooftops. You spot a couple of stray cats walking though the town but they scamper away the moment you guys see them. The occasional stray dog who keeps their distance with a low growl. Birds, mice, rats.
You can see clear signs the tower had been specifically besieged. The rocks around the doorway had been pried out with bars; the door itself is long gone with one of the remaining hinges bent at an impossible angle. The inside of the tower has been completely ransacked, most of the furniture in here has rotted away or in shambles of what it was.

Stuka's Rebuilding[]

20 years after the war, the town begins being rebuilt by the Necromancer Stuka and his Undead "Family". The external portions of the central tower is repaired using bones.


A coastal village located between Northridge & Fairport. It is an unwalled town in the hills on the coast with fishing boats.

Formerly called Coven.

Population 400.

Not the same Valebrook that is over in Solum.


A coastal village north of Valebrook.

The Great Swamp[]

The old official name of the swamp is unknown. It is located several days of travel south from Trog Canyon.


Population: 7000 - 10,000

A walled town on an island in the middle of the river, south of Trog Canyon. Entry to the city is restricted, and outsiders wishing to enter have to leave their weapons at the town gates.

Kah-Ella has 2 guarded stone bridges, one leading to each bank of the river. The river itself is infested with alligators, which prevents those trying to swim to the island.

A crowded city with tall apartment buildings, all squished closely together. The light from the late summer sun casts long shadows all throughout the city streets. You will see that there are people about, but there appears to be a lot of sick people, sitting in the streets in the shade. Most of the folks in town aren't really talking to each other, hurriedly going from one place to another.
You can see worry and suspicion in people's eyes, as they guard their money pouches when standing at a merchant's stall. You can also see the merchant stalls have armed guards near nearby, keeping an eye out for one another.
There is a immediate sense of danger and foreboding here, more than outright violence, but an oppressive atmosphere of a place where there's not a lot of trust between one another, and where there is some sort of sickness running through the town. - EoW Ep 13

Mount Carmine[]

Mountain in the forest west of Trog Canyon.


Town north of Fairport. Before the war, 20 years ago, was ruled by a Prince who used guards riding Tyrannosaurus to keep the peace.

In the current era, parts of the city are destroyed. The rest of the city is intact and maintained.

The city is currently controlled by 2 factions. The inner city is controlled by the Wardens, the outer city is controlled by the Tiger Gang.

The Wardens wear the apparel of the former guards of the city, and control the inner city from the keep and inner-city wall. Their leader is the Arcmage Maven, who was Archmage to the prince 20 years ago.

The Tiger Gang were the victorious gang in a series of gang wars for the outer city. The Tiger Gang controls the outer-city walls, and the location of their headquarters are kept a mystery to the population. The Tiger Gang is ruled by Opal.

The Redwood[]

  • Forest of the elves
  • No humans allowed within the forest.
  • Territory used to be larger than it is today

The Three Sisters[]

  • The name for 3 mountains to the west of Trog Canyon.

Crater of the Divine[]

  • A crater to the west of Trog Canyon.
  • Formed by a meteor where a god travelled to the world a long time ago.