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Philosophers' Stones are shards of the staff of the world that have fallen to the world. The Staff of The World holds up The World, held up by the Goddess Nadinis and turned by the God Tempos. During some event in the Age of Mist, the staff was damaged.

Philosophers' Stones come in all shapes and sizes.

They have the power to amplify spells or magical items.

The larger the shard, the more power the shard contains.


Possible Locations[]

In Gnomes, Tomes & Catacombs: Episode 09, the party found a list of possible locations for Philosophers' Stones.

Known Uses[]

  • The Wizard Pringle wants one to turn his wife, Saphie, back from a cat to her natural Human form.
  • History tells of a battle where a few shards were used to amply a fireball spell to destroy an army
  • It was used on a "Limited Wish Ring" to turn it into a "Wish Ring"
  • Unknown effect on the Crown of Domination