Pawns & Patrons is an old-school style sandbox sword-and-sorcery game played with Dungeon Crawl Classics- the story, such as it is, will be "whatever happens to our characters." In this medieval fantasy setting, class structures are rigid and hierarchical, with vanishingly little hope of escaping your station of birth. Common folk are ground beneath the bootheel of those they serve, whether they be cruel nobles, wealthy merchants, judgmental priests, or potent sorcerers.

The world itself is dire- border skirmishes and petty wars are near unceasing, cults of elder gods entice worshippers into dark rituals, ancient chaotic magics bubble beneath the skin of the world, and the planar forces of Law and Chaos vie in an eternal conflict played out on the battlefield that is this very world.

But... amidst all of this turmoil and strife also exists opportunity. Those who seek to exceed their station have one hope, and one only: adventuring. These scoundrels and heroes must balance their loyalty and allegiance to their betters with their attempts to scrounge wealth or power out of the deadly places of the world. If they're exceedingly clever, exceedingly lucky, or both, they might just survive...

In Pawns & Patrons, our four players will control not just a handful of hapless heroes each- their own stable of adventurers- but also each player owns a faction, spearheaded by a Domain-level character- a Noble, Merchant, Priest, or Sorcerer- who needs adventurers to do their bidding in their endless struggle against each other, other factions, and the powerful and sinister forces that inhabit this realm.

We'll play once a month, aiming for the first Saturday of each month, playing for 4 hours at a time, streamed simultaneously to all five of our twitch channels. Each 1-3 sessions will be a self-contained story arc, and our first arc will follow our 16 starting 0-level adventurers as they battle their way through a deadly funnel dungeon at the behest of four shadowy figures...

In this world of danger and opportunity, what will befall these.... PAWNS & PATRONS??

Cast[edit | edit source]

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Episodes[edit | edit source]

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Episode 00 15th August 2020 Twitch20px.png
Character & Campaign explanation
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01: The Rise of Frog Dude 12th September 2020 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png & Twitch20px.png
Adventure begins.
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02: Frog Dude's Revenge 17th October 2020 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png
The party continue exploring the keep.
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03: The Undersea 21st November 2020 Youtube20px.png
The party explore the sea under the ruined keep.
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The party sail back to the ruined keep to retrieve their animals but find unexpected trouble.
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05: Deep Patron Lore 16th January 2021 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png
The party sail to the City Great, the the port city of Lothpurtinance / Eminaxes.
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06: The Dark of Swamp Dudet 6th February 2021 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png
The party set off into the Dark Swamp.
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