"What the hell is that thing?! - The Party viewing the Ozed"

While the monster's appearance is inspired by the Demogorgon, the Ozed isn't a Demon but a wild animal.

The Ozed is a Psychic Two-Headed Simian. It looks like a strange sort of monkey-hybrid monster creature. It has a pair of red baboon faces with fangs. Two arms which are breaking halfway down to form a pair of tentacles. Wide feet in the shape of crocodile heads. Some sort of strange scale-like tail with wrapped bones that end in a club.

Combat (5e)Edit

Hit Points Edit

In the ball park of 116


Telepathic. Other traits unknown.


"The Ozed makes 3 attacks, one with its tail, and two with its bash. Additionally it may cast 1 spell".

Bash attack: One attack roll is made against two creatures within 5 feet of each other. Attacks at +7 to hit.

Tail attack: Attack against a single creature


Lives in the jungles of Bravo. So far, they have only been seen alone, so it is unknown if they live in a troop like regular baboons, or are solitary.


Unknown. Is a predator species, but where it fits in the hierarchy is unknown.

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