21st March 1512Edit

The Santa Barbara town council head back to San Migel Island to fight with the Bulette to retrieve the dolphin necklace and Rachel’s spell book.

The party reach the shipwreck and look for the spell book. While digging, the Bulette sneaks up on them and attacks Lili. The party defend themselves and drive the Bulette away.

The Bulette returns an hour later, but Kanon D. B'aal spots its approach. The party defend themselves. The party finally slay the Bulette.

The party, now safe, digs up Rachel’s room and finds her spellbook and spell components.

22nd March 1512Edit

The party get back to town. Kanon starts learning spells, and learns Water Breathing and Misty Step. The party rest during the downtime.

Kanon orders work to resume work on the lighthouse.

During the downtime, Jimbo is given his 100 gold back. Kanon tries to strong arm some money from Captain Po Tato.


675 exp each


31st March 1512Edit

The party return to San Migel Island to do the Sea Elves' trial. The party drop anchor and Kanon casts Water Breathing. The party go in the water to search for the cave near the dead coral reef.

As the party approach, they are met by 2 dolphins. Ugg speaks with the dolphin about the trial. Ugg is warned that all those who die on the trial will become an undead and remain behind.

The party enter the cave and enter an air chamber. There are tapestries that talk about the creation of Arcadia and the various races. Astair created the Elves, Voraci created basilisks, Malkis created humanity, Nadinis created halflings, Tempos created kobolds, Martha created a creature that no one in the party recognize. Under gods the party don't recongise the constellations off were the creators of Dwarves & Orcs (likely Sayor and Belum).

There is a tapestry of the world at it's first point of creation, just showing Ancient Arcadia, before the Breaking of Arcadia. The creatures are being put or placed there.

The third tapestry shows an image of 2 people, travelers. They are swimming down somewhere.

The party are then approached by skeletons of dead elves and an Undead Snake Person, Devas. Devas says he has no grudge against the party as they are not elves, and asks them to let him leave and in exchange the party the Axe of Ages. Devas has been slain over and over each time the elves take the trial.

The party discuss what to do and decide not to trust Devas and his Skeletons. Kanon casts Mage Armor and Devas realises the party mean to fight him, so he defends himself. Kanon is knocked unconscious, but Po Tato stabilizes him. Po Tato then takes out Devas. The party then deal with the skeletons. Ugg wakes Kanon with a magic heal.

The party return to the first chamber and rest.

1st April 1512Edit

The party finish their rest overnight and continue.

The 4th tapestry shows one of the travelers speaking with a large group of elves in an amphitheatre and the elves are overcome with grief, while the other traveler leaves through a doorway.

The 5th tapestry shows a crevasse with quake marks coming from it. Something is coming out of the crevasse during this moment. Ill defined shapes coming from it.

The 6th tapestry shows one of the travelers welding a trident, fighting the shadowy forms fighting the shadowy creature. The other traveler is fighting the shadow from behind.

Kanon writes down the elven writing to be translated later.

At the end of the hall are 2 doors. The party choose the left door and go in there. In the chamber is Daffodil standing on a little island in a pond. Devas says the party chose poorly and sends 6 skeletons to fight the party. The party defend themselves. The Daffodil is slain by undead arrow fire and vanishes. The party defeat Devas & the Skeletons again.

The image of Daffodil reappears. He doesn't act like the real Daffodil. He asks why the party left him to die and didn't save him. Kanon apologies to Daffodil for his real death on the island.

The party rest again in the first chamber. The image of Daffodil joins them.

2nd April 1512Edit

Daffodil leads the party to a corridor. At the end of the corridor is a chest. Behind the chest Daffodil says is a secret room with a potion. The party don't trust Daffodil after he is unable to answer a question only the real Daffodil would know.

The party go into the right chamber and see Governor Campbell on the island, as well Devas and more skeletons. The party try to lure Devas out, pretending they are letting him go. When Devas and the skeletons pass, Kanon casts fireball at him. The skeletons are destroyed, but Devas survives and then escapes out of the trial.

After Devas leaves, an earthquake starts and the trial starts to fill with water. The party easily escape since Kanon had already cast waterbreathing on the party.

The party make it back to the ship . Ocean is trembling. The earthquakes lasts a whole 12 minutes.


500 exp each


2nd April 1512Edit

The party sail back to Santa Barbara and see some new minor Earthquake Damage and some monsters. There is a water elemental in the town square. The party fight with the elemental. Ugg gets knocked out. Kanon finishes off the elemental. Po Tato stabilizes Ugg.

The party in the aftermath consider how to get out of this problem they caused.


450 exp each

  • Ugg levels up to level 5
    • Max HP 42 to 53 (+11)
  • Lili levels up to level 5
    • Max HP 61 to 70 (+9)
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