Uncle Oris is a hunchbacked priest of great power, who was once a kindly and gentle priest of John. The party first finds him he is working the town of Corbhen, to the south east of Valesburg, where he is said to have cured a plague. He was trusting and merciful even to those that would harm him, and greatly averse violence and death.

After being turned over to Dalamar by the party Oris becomes corrupted.  Through some dark magic he becomes a vessel for the god of Death and Destruction, Voraci, and begins to view people as weak and deserving of death.

Oris is no longer a hunchback as the power of the god flows thorugh him.

Is level 14.

Dalamar's Capture of OrisEdit

Dalamar, who had some unknown interest invested in the man, requests that the party retrieve him from the town of Corbhen, seemly as a replacement for Sir Brightblade in his plans (Rollplay Episode 12). They agreed in an attempt to finally end their debt and sever their ties with the evil wizard. They found him easily and Vincent convinced him to travel to Valesburg under the false pretence of healing a plague there.

Upon arriving at the tower of Dalamar, he was very affected by the aura of the place. Tudagub attempted to use command 'Follow' on him to force Oris towards the tower. When the spell failed, Vincent used Tudagub's declaration of 'thief' as a reason to carry Oris into the tower.  The trusting man kicks and screams the whole way, feeling betrayed by people whom he had considered friends. Once inside, Oris was shocked and collapsed in a heap, panting. Dalamar soon arrived and welcomed him, saying he had need of Oris's services.

Key EventsEdit

  • In Week 16, he supossedly sent a message to the party requesting them to slay the Black Dragon to remove a curse laided upon Dalamar.
  • In Week 17, Oris appeared in Black Water Swamp with Dalamar, shrouded in a black robe, where he proceeded to finish off the dragon by using the Rod of Lightning to strike the beast. It was revealed that Oris is now a servant of Dalamar for an unknown reason.
  • Using Azril's Clerical knowledge, the party learned that Oris is now a priest of Voraci, the god of Death and Destruction, when he took them to Dalamar's tower in Week 24.
  • In Week 29, the party find's Valesburg empty and are approached by Oris.  He claims to have destroyed Dalamar, along with the citizens of Valesburg, with the help of Voraci.  He gives them one chance to escape due to his apparent lingering fondness of them.
  • In Week 14 of Rollplay Solum Victarian learns that Oris has died of old age and that the four Voraci generals are fighting for control.
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