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Orb of Imprisonment

The Orb of Imprisonment was used in the High Temple of Velmontarious in Caldonia.

It was used to imprison some of the worst offenders in the world. Abus Veronica the leader of a sect of the Nuns of Velmontarious in Mahtava says that the order was too eager to dispense justice and imprisoned people without due process. According to records in Highcastle, Eridon, the abuse of this power was one of the factors that led to the gods causing the calamity 1500 years ago. The calamity 1500 years ago that froze Caldonia and kills all those who lived in the temple, making the Orb lost to history.

It is reported that the Orb had been used on murderous people and great demons that had been somehow brought into the world.

The Orb of Imprisonment traps the target creature somewhere deep in stasis deep within the earth, locking them in space and time.

The ritual to use the Orb can be interrupted and take a full minute to use with command words. The range is 15 feet.

If the Orb of Imprisonment is broken by Xorathis, all that is trapped inside will be freed at the location the orb was broken.

Modern Activity:

  • 1509-09-25: The Orb of Imprisonment was taken from the Velmontarious Monastery in Caldonia by the crew of the Riftdancer to use it against Brimstone, the Fire Incarnate.
  • 1509-10-28: The Orb of Imprisonment is secretly hidden with the Nuns of Velmontarious in Yunta, Mahtava.
  • 1513: The town of Yunta is destroyed. Fate of the orb is unknown.