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Various One-Shot stories that take place on the continent of Arcadia staring Nick Prouvost and sometimes with other players.


One Shots: Nick 13 April 2016 Youtube Vid
(Takes place after Hardcore Heroes 8 & Shenanigans 30)
Tharik Crane, a Mercenary, starting from Shenanigans, Bergshire finds that the Inn is full so goes to find another Inn. He is lured to the Bergshire cemetery by a ghost of a young girl, requesting his help. Tharik discovers the girl was buried alive and then works to solve the mystery of who in the Manor House committed the crime.

One Shots: Nick & Sean 21 April 2016 Youtube Vid
(Takes place after Hardcore Heroes 8)
John (Fighter, claims to be Cleric of Unnamed God) & Aurelius (Cleric of Velthara Age 62), starting from Shirebrook, Split County, Eridon, are tasked by Sheriff Tyrus Bellow to attack some Goblins and uncover a connection with the Bastard of the Firewood, Kerak and his Hobgolins are building a Fort in the Ashlands for the Goblins.

(Takes place after Hardcore Heroes 15)
Bishop and Gunter chase a fugitive into the town of Fortune and find the place creepy and full of deeper mysteries.

One Shots: Refugees 27 September 2016 Youtube Vid
(Takes place after Hardcore Heroes 22 & near the time of Misscliks Devotion: Episode 02)
Ithir Arauco, Bruh and Harrow are refugees trying to get into Mistrya.

In the wake of the fall of Eridon, the Vanderhorn family seek to gain power in the coming struggles for Gade Isle.

Necromancer Playtest 11 November 2018 Vod Lost
(Takes place before DwD Malcifer Winter)
A Necromancer, Zauzad The Corpsemaker, works out how his newly discovered evil spells work.

The Werewolf of Ashfires
Cast · Neal Pass Erickson · Various Other Players
A werewolf is terrorising the town of Ashfires