• Before the Breaking of Arcadia, there was a Vodanian Empire. After the breaking, Vodan fell into decline and Drekis and Mistrya rose up. Vodan was the capital of the old empire.
  • In a letter received in July in Frozen Frontier episode ?, that the Rwalwikk family has sieged Old Vodan. A hundred mounted knights rode Through Bridge Gate and down the eastern bank of the river while their levies were brought up through the woods east of Bon' Theris by Princess Giselle Rwalwikk and a few hand picked knights. The siege is in place, although it is expected Old Vodan will be able to hold out for at least a year.
  • In a letter received 23rd September, 1510 in Frozen Frontier episode 26, the siege is still ongoing.

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  • River Vodan
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