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The Muscle, the Sage, and the Spy have all been brought together by the Leader to form the detective agency known as V.O.A. (Various Operations Agency). Their first big break will lead them down a path of murder, mystery, and mayhem as they tackle their caseload out of Kronwikk.

Season 1 Summary[]


VOA is a detective agency in Kronwikk. They are first hired to solve "The Massacre at Blackpaw Mine". VOA find the culprit and have him arrested. However VOA decide to steal from the mine. They are later hired to investigate their own theft, which they frame a 3rd party (who had stolen other things from the mine).

VOA then are hired to remove the haunting at Silverhorn Estate. After trying to brute force the solution by killing ghosts, the party end up bringing the widow of the dead Lord to the Estate and have her make peace with the ghost, lifting the haunting. VOA are rewarded, but they also steal from their employer of this case too.

VOA then are hired to recover the stolen crown of Baroness Tilda Crest of Whalers Bay. VOA track the crown over to Bon' Dundisyer and find it in a cart that has left town. On the way back VOA encounter a nudest wizard named Poorvan on his way back to Eridon. Nevets steals the Portal to the Shadow Plane from Poorvan.

VOA return to Whalers Bay with the Crown & Portal. While in Whalers Bay, they are hired by The Family to find the Orb of Winter in The Frostlands. VOA travel to The Frostlands and find a hidden Wizard's Tower owned by Cabbot Moore. The party find no Orb of Winter, but befriend Cabbot Moore. Eventually they leave the Magic Portal with Cabbot to study, and do a quest for him, to get a cache of crystals from Caldonia that Captain Zaaz took.

VOA ruthlessly find Zaaz, burn down her ship, take her diary, then hunt her down and murder her in the streets of Bon' Theris. For VOA's crimes, Toki takes on a very large debt. After ruining the life of a man named Dave (and then poisoning him) VOA pay off the debt. VOA search for Zaaz's Treasures. They find the Caldonian Crystals in The Talens and find Zaaz's fortune in the Brushwood. However most of VOA are captured in the Brushwood by Goblins and kept as slaves for a few weeks before they are saved by Nevets & some members of The Family.

The Queen of Drekis, using a third party, hire VOA to capture Kel Poochi, who kidnapped and killed her daughter-in-law-to-be. VOA track down Kel Poochi who is in hiding in Rwalwikk. VOA use their wealth to pay for The Family's help with the operation, and smuggle Kel Poochi all the way to Wikkthronrarenta.

While in Wikkthronrarenta, VOA are hired to conduct some war operations. Drekis is at war with Mistrya, and Drekis wants VOA to do some spying & sabotage.

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Former Cast[]

Season 1 Episodes[]

Character Creation 13th June 2019 Youtube Vod
Character Creation.

VOA is hired to solve the case of "The Massacre at Blackpaw Mine".

"The Massacre at Blackpaw Mine" concludes.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 03 15th August 2019 Youtube Vod Reddit Discussion
VOA return to the Blackpaw Mine to steal its magic lanterns.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 04 22nd August 2019 Youtube Vod Reddit Discussion
VOA search for a new member while working on two different cases.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 05 12th September 2019 Youtube Vod Reddit Discussion
VOA continue to split their attention on two separate cases.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 06 19th September 2019 Youtube Vod
VOA try to wrap up both of their active cases.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 08 10th October 2019 Youtube Vod
VOA investigate a robbery in Whalers Bay.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 09 17th October 2019 Youtube Vod
VOA do small jobs around Whalers Bay before accepting their next big case.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 10 24th October 2019 Youtube Vod
NOA travel to Sinder Lake to find an Orb of Winter.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 11 21st November 2019 Youtube Vod
NOA are in the base of the wizard who has the Orb of Winter.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 12 5th December 2019 Youtube Vod Reddit Discussion
NOA infiltrate a pirate ship to get closer to some crystals.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 13 9th January 2020 Youtube Vod
NOA go after Zaaz's treasure.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 15 30th January 2020 Youtube Vod
VOA get in trouble with the law in Bon' Theris.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 16 6th February 2020 Youtube Vod Reddit Discussion
VOA pull off their plan against Dave.

Of Dice and Men: Episode 17 13th February 2020 Youtube Vod
VOA hunt for Zaaz's treasure.

VOA are imprisoned by goblins.

VOA decide what to do with their new wealth.

VOA head to Rwalwikk in search of Kel Pochi.

VOA enact their plan to capture Kel Pochi.

VOA are offered a job to help the war effort against Mistrya.

The party make arrangements for their coming mission in Mistrya.

Season 2 Episodes[]

The party leave Drekis with a new party member and head out for their mission into Mistrya.

The party try to deliver their false intel, but it doesn't go as planned.

The party enact their sabotage against the town of Stoutend

The party deal with the aftermath of the sabotage actions.