Master of the Nealiverse by stevenoble197

by Steve Noble

The Dungeon Master Edit

Neal "Koibu" Pass Erickson is the Dungeon Master (DM) for various series of Dungeons and Dragons shows.

For Rollplay he was DM for Legacy & Solum.

For Misscliks he was DM for Pirate Edition, Demigods, Vigilantes, Outbreak, Amnesia, Seaborn, and Devotion.

On his own channel he was DM for Assassin, Age of Strife, Fatal One, and Hardcore Heroes. He has a number of active shows on his channel as well.

He also was one of three DMs in a 9 hour charity stream.

Offline he has been DMing for many years and is very experienced particularly with AD&D 2nd Edition. So much so that he knows the game well enough to make extensive rule changes to fix some of the problems with the system and to change things to his liking.

In addition to being the DM he creates the maps and other additional content such as short stories and various lore pieces for the Continent of Arcadia & Continent of Solum .

The Player Edit

As well as his role as DMing several campaigns he also plays as a regular player. During his time playing D&D online, in front of an audience, he has played in Rollplay R&D (During the Pendragon Season), Rollplay Vigil (Previously Rollplay Ehbon), Honorbound Redemption of the New Guard, Rise of the Dragon Queen, Starfinder: Dead Suns and many seasons of Dicing with Death as well as several One Shots.

In addition to this his many offline games make him an incredibly experienced player. His experience as a DM likely also helps in this regard.

Trivia Edit

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