Each Material Plane has it's own Shadow Plane, a shadow of the world it is connected to. This article is about the known monsters of the Shadow Plane connected to the Prime Material Plane.

While Demons from the Second Material Plane have come to inhabit the PMP's Shadow Plane, they are not native to this Plane, and not the subject of this article.

Blood MistEdit

Crimson Death 2e

Crimson Death 2e from the AD&D 2nd Edition Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix

Blood Mist, also known as vampiric mist, crimson mist, or crimson death, is a malevolent, vaporous creature that feeds on the bodily fluids of its victims.

The body of the crimson death is a cloud of pale color. It is difficult to distinguish if seen against fog and nearly invisible to infravision. When the creature is fed, it develops a crimson flush that is easily visible by normal or infravision.

The crimson death is a secretive creature. It prefers to feed on solitary beings, since these are easy to sneak up on and have no allies to lend them support. If several people are present, the crimson death tries to pick off the guard while the others sleep; it then feeds on the others at its leisure.

Source: MC3 - Monstrous Compendium - Forgotten Realms Appendix

(Could also be based on the Scarlet Dancer Mist, which is like the Crimson Death, except doesn't have the intelligence or humanoid appearance).


Chomper MattBurger

Chomper by Matthew Burger

Also known as a Vombat. "You can see these bizarrely shaped creatures. They are black oval shaped (like a football) with large leathery bat wings on either side. Where there ought to be a face is an open maw with sharp pointy teeth, no eyes, very little to a body anywhere." Fuzzy skin. (Hardcore Heroes Otherside: Episode 2)

Chompers do not seem to have organised attacks, will attack anything that comes into it's path and will not coordinate with the rest of the swarm.

Size: Small

AC: 10 when biting someone. Has AC: 13 when freely moving around.

Gelatinous CubesEdit

Gelatinous Cube 2e

Gelatinous Cube from the from 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual

So nearly transparent that they are difficult to see, these cubes travel down dungeon corridors, absorbing carrion and trash along the way. Their sides glisten, tending to leave a slimy trail, but gelatinous cubes cannot climb walls or cling to ceilings. Very large cubes grow tall to garner mosses and the like from ceilings.

Source: Monstrous-Manual 2e


Ooze 2e

Ooze from the from 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual

A slimy horror that looks like wet stone or a sedimentary rock formation, the gray ooze is rarely thicker than six or eight inches, but sometimes grows to a length of 12 feet. It cannot climb walls or ceilings, so it slides, drips, and oozes along cavern floors.

Source: Monstrous-Manual 2e

Gargoyles Edit

Gargoyle 2e

Gargoyle from 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual

These monsters are ferocious predators of a magical nature, typically found amid ruins or dwelling in underground caverns. They have their own guttural language.

Source: Monstrous-Manual 2e

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