Eridonian Town MistyRapidsMap
Ruler Baron Nokin Song until 1509

Baron Carl until 1510

Population 2600
Villages 41
Yearly Income 194,341 / 48,585
Populace Traits Religous Fanatic / Fearful
Walls None Armorer No Magic Shop No
Gates None Horse Breeder Yes Dog Breeder No
Sages No Library No Doctor Yes
Resources Clay, Tea, Ivory
Road to Thornwood 30 Miles
Road to Cauldron 32 Miles

Built in a valley that mists over in the mornings

River next to town is steep with many rapids, protecting the town from monstrous incursion from the north.

Misty Rapids is a poor town. The baron lives 2 miles outside of town in a motte-and-bailey. 5 miles beyond that are the barrows - where people of honor are buried (mostly nobles along with notable townsfolk). The rest of the people are buried under the temples in crypts, like the rest of Eridon.

Law Enforcement


There were three temples in town, but he most significant was the Temple of Purification.

Temple of Purification was built on the west side of town, guarding the entrance to Misty Rapids. Anybody travelling down this road from the west, even people of Misty Rapids, were subject to the Purification Ritual. The temple itself was guarded by a wall and a watchtower, in order to preserve the rites and a rituals of purification from those that would seek to spread their filth to the east.

Misty Rapids


Built as a Motte-and-Bailey, the keep was

in a state of disrepair. The poverty that has overcome Misty Rapids showed itself here more than most places. Buildings lay abandoned and broken down.

The keep also holds the dungeons for Baron Song. There are 4 cells, all buried under the main keep. Rumoured that a Unicorn was in one of the cells.


  • Poor Quality: Jexel’s, Bad Fish

Common Quality: Bait & Tackle