Mistrya is a kingdom on the continent of Arcadia. For the past 150 years or so the nation has been subjugated by the dragon Scoria. Much of the wealth of the nation has been used as tribute to their red dragon master. Also live sacrifice has been known to occur.

The capital is Crownhold.

The King is Alex Guilder.

Eridon has been involved in various wars over the years.

List of Towns & Cities:

  • Crownhold - Capital City
  • Dawngate - City spanning the Night River.
  • Highmeadow - Unwalled Town
  • Bridgelight - Unwalled Town on edge of Lake Edrick
  • Evermond - Unwalled Town ad edge of Gloomwood Forest and Mersey River
  • Foghaven - Unwalled Town next to the Thieves' Forest
  • Slagmire - Walled Town in the Weaping Bog
  • Thaebin - Unwalled Town
  • Halfhill - Unwalled Town
  • Stoutend - Unwalled Town
  • Vayle - Walled Town in the Rainwood Reach.
  • Honeyreach - Unwalled Town, on the confluence of Maiden's River and Heart River to Sweetwater River.
  • Old Vodan - Walled Town, Next to Drekis Border

Areas of importance:

Lost Towns & Cities: