Recap[edit | edit source]

Note: Short Episode

The party now consists of The Twins (Tamsin/Landcaster), Alexis, Soli, Rocker, Dr McGinley, 2 Thieves (Cartius & Gilly), 3 other ex-solders (Franco, Cooper, Reynolds).

The party make a plan head to Boremium to see the good public speaker that Dr McGinley knows named Mountain Dew to help with their cause.

The 11-person party go to leave leave Rinava, but are stopped at the road out by 2 guards. After some questioning, the party is allowed to leave.

On the first day of the journey, they come across a bridge where 3 men block the path, demanding a toll, a silver a head, or they'll take their heads. The Twins launches an attack, with Alexis following with a bow shot, killing the bandit who was talking. After exchanging some blows, the other 2 bandits back off.

Guest Character[edit | edit source]

Dr McGinley Stats
Weapon: Surgical Tools made into Lobster claws on hands.

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