Recap[edit | edit source]

Day 390 (continued)[edit | edit source]

December, Lily, and Key have a funeral for Fe. Lily writes a heartfelt note and buries it with Fe.

Day 391[edit | edit source]

The party start to make a raft (with the raft from last episode ceasing to exist).

Day 396[edit | edit source]

The raft is finished. Lily asks astrology if Ride the Wind will work, and she gets back that the Winds will be Strong.

Day 397[edit | edit source]

"Just want you were the best friend I ever had." "You're my best friend too". -December and Lily.

Lily, December, and Key sit on the raft. Lily casts Ride the Wind. The party ride out into the sky. Every hour Lily has to recast the spell. After 3 hours the wind slows and they land in the ocean and wait for the winds to pickup again. After another 2 hours there is no more wind.

It is afternoon when the wind picks up again to the North-East. They ride the wind for 90 minutes before the wind dies town again.

At sunset the wind pickups again and the water starts to swell. Lily only has one ride the wind spell left, but they use the last spell and ride it.

After an hour and 10 min the raft lands. The raft begins to break, but the party put it back together.

Lily tries to sleep to learn new spells, but wakes up too early. One of the beams splinters off the raft. December and Key barely hold the raft together overnight.

Day 398[edit | edit source]

The weather is calm the next day. Lily tries to fall asleep, but again fails to do so.

After sunset the winds pick up again. The raft falls apart, the 3 crew grab onto a log each. Lily is bitten by a small shark, breaking her knee. Lily casts water breathing on herself and December. The shark bites Lily again. December goes underwater and kills the shark. That night Lily manages to fall asleep at last, supported by December, but December doesn't keep her supported and wakes her up.

Day 399[edit | edit source]

Lily tries to sleep again. Key is almost dead. December mercy kills him, then takes his rope to tie them to the rope. 15 minutes later a shark drags Key down. Lily and December try to swim away. Lily is caught by a shark as well. December decides to take the sharks with her, so she fights them, but succumbs herself eventually.

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