Recap[edit | edit source]

Day 366: Near a island[edit | edit source]

The Sunken Stone is anchored near a small island. On board the party are recovering from a vicious fight, 10 Pirate Crew, Frank the Farmer who just wants to go home (and is tied up, and the mysterious monk prisoner

While the party are resting and recovering, the first mate, Sildar, will take a group of 4 out to explore the island, joined by Lily who isn't as hurt as December & Fe. Lily makes a map as they explore.

Day 368: On the island[edit | edit source]

In the evening of the second day the search group with Lily find a old ruined temple that is 15 foot by 15 foot on the outside.

Day 369: Back to the ship[edit | edit source]

Lily and the pirates return to the ship to report they found the temple. The ship sails around the island to check for other ships and find nothing. They keep sailing for 2 weeks as December & Fe rest.

Day 376: Storm[edit | edit source]

A storm hits and the crew of the Sunken Stone try to weather it.

Day 379: Storm[edit | edit source]

The storm is too much and the Sunken Stone crashes onto the rocks and the crew are forced to abandon ship. They have a rowboat but the storm is still raging. The captured monk and Frank the Farmer can't swim, as well as one member of the crew. Lily casts watherbreathing on December & Fe as well as herself. The 7 get into the rowboat and the rest and the party swim holding onto broken off doors. Lily summons 7 sea otters to help.

The rowboat capsizes. The captured monk managed to grab hold of a wooden door while Frank and the non-swimmer pirate are nowhere to be seen. December swims down and rescues the pirate who can't swim and pulls him to the surface. Others slip off the doors and capsized boat into the storm. The party try to save the others, but only end up saving 2, Key & Scrap, pirates from their crew. Everyone else is lost.

Lily casts rope trick and everyone warms up in the inter dimensional space. After 2 hours the spell wears off and the group head towards the temple. After several hours the group get to the temple. It is a 15x15 room with a pedestal in the middle. In one far corners of the room are small snakes and the other far corner is a large snake. Lily casts sleep. December shoots an arrow at a large snake. The large snake attacks the party. Fe attacks the snake with a rock, then the snake knocks her out. December saves Fe and drags her out of the cave. Lily casts stinky cloud in the temple, then snakes start swarming out of the temple. Fe is patched up by one of the Pirates Key. Scrap however is killed by the snake.

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