Cresthaven Area

Recap[edit | edit source]

Day 3[edit | edit source]

It is dawn in Ashwald and the zombie attack has finished. The town prepares to march north back to Cresthaven. The party start escorting the group while Evelyn Marthain sings a song about Martha blessing a good rabbit of the pair.

Meanwhile in Jarbark village, Wendy 'Bulldog' Good is talking with the Mayor and village guards about security. It is brought up that a crew of seasoned adventures came though the village a couple weeks. Bulldog looks into these adventures and checks the local tavern, the Rusty Nail, to find details. One was a male kept to their room who wore armor, one was a a halfling who muttering to himself, the last was a tallish woman who was also strange. The adventures had been hired by a Mr Cabbot from Cresthaven, but they headed east out of Jarbark.

After eight hours of the evacuation of Ashwald, it is estimated there will be 15 hours until they get to their destination because of slow with all the injured and elderly. They travel into the night to get to Cresthaven. The party sings songs quietly to keep moral up.

Leslie Knope spots in the distance 4 zombies in the distance. The party wait in ambush behind trees. When the zombies get 40 years away Evelyn throws her javelin and begins the fight. The zombies close and attack the party.

The party take out 2 of the zombies, but ultimately they are overwhelmed and slain. The people they were escorting a slain shortly afterwards as well.

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