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Dead a rising from their graves and hunger for the living. The Paladin Evelyn Marthain leads a party to confront the zombies and return them to the grave.


Neal Erickson: Dungeon Master
Anna Prosser Robinson
Geneviève Forget
Jess Brohard
Stephanie Harvey


Evelyn Marthain
Wendy 'Bulldog' Good
Leslie Knope
Brighton "Brick" Rose
Little Jimmy
Old Man McGee


Thumbs 410x313 Outbreak
Episode 1 14 Apr 2015 Youtube Vid
In the town of Cresthaven it is the Winter's Eve festival, essentially the end of autumn harvest festival for everyone to get together in the town square. Then Leo discovered a dismembered body in a rowboat on the shore of town.

Thumbs 410x313 Outbreak
Episode 2 21 Apr 2015 Youtube Vid
Mayor Basil asks the party to head down the Iris River to the village Tenevar to check on the situation and warn the villagers there about the Zombie outbreaks to the north.

Thumbs 410x313 Outbreak
Episode 3 28 Apr 2015 Youtube Vid
The party escort some villagers from Tenevar to the north.

Thumbs 410x313 Outbreak
Episode 4 12 May 2015 Youtube Vid
Character creation for new character.

Thumbs 410x313 Outbreak
Episode 5 19 May 2015 Youtube Vid
The new party head from Cresthaven to Jarbark to find out more about the zombie uprising.